How Stoller Dental Laboratory has created an outstanding company culture

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Stoller Dental Laboratory has been serving the dental community since 1977. For nearly 45 years, their priority has been to create the highest quality dental restorations, while fostering the best work environment for their employees. The Stoller team has a work-hard, play-hard philosophy, and they go out of their way to recognize and reward individuals for their exceptional work and contributions. Their company culture has created a team that is passionately dedicated to providing the finest materials and services available.

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Owners, Stoller Dental Laboratory

The Challenge

As a full-service laboratory, Stoller fabricates all products in-house, and maintains the strictest quality control measures to provide beautiful, life-like restorations. But with the dental industry changing every day, they recognized early on the importance of developing a competent, performance-driven team. They understood that to be successful at offering the best products, they would need to attract and retain the best people. Thus, they strived to create a work environment that would encourage employees to care about their work as much as they do.

The Solution

The Stoller Dental Laboratory culture starts with their leadership. Founding member, Larry Stoller, and his sons, Adam and Landon, have fostered a positive environment by serving as examples for employees: always maintaining positive attitudes, providing motivation and support, and encouraging open communication. This trio goes to great lengths to stay involved in all daily activities, and to recognize and reward individuals for their outstanding efforts.

Further, what makes this Fort Wayne-based company such a great place to work is that the company feels more like a family. Whether it’s celebrating birthdays, dressing up for Halloween, providing free food and drinks, or hosting company activities, this fun and relaxed workplace has helped build better professional and personal relationships.

Not only do these events foster improved communication, they also contribute to greater productivity, satisfaction, loyalty and employee retention. Incorporating fun activities into the workday has gone a long way towards creating a happy and healthy work life.

In fact, Stoller has gained such a great reputation that they occasionally receive resumes after posting about company events. As the industry faces a shortage of dental lab technicians, it’s a testament to how invaluable their efforts in creating a positive company culture has been.

Stoller Superstar:
A monthly recognition
program that honors one
outstanding employee
An annual week-long
employee appreciation event
to give thanks for everyone’s
hard work
Number of
employees who are part of
the Stoller family

What Comes Next

The sky is the limit for this family-owned, forward thinking dental lab. Future projects include expanding on their innovative zirconium dentures patent, an appliance they call Zircobite. They also intend to tap into more Labnext features; specifically, implementing bar code scanning.

But in the meantime, they have some planning to do. Another highly anticipated “Stollerbration” is just around the corner.

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