In this newsletter we would like to draw your attention to newly released Labnext Account Tagging functionality.

Labnext Tags

Labs regularly want to categorize accounts based on being part of a practice group (i.e. Heartland); or being part of study group… and that is what Labnext Tags are for. You can add multiple tags to an account. Additionally, tags have been integrated into Labnext reports so that you can track sales by account tag, … This is a powerful and flexible way to categorize and report on accounts.

Setting Up Account Tags – Individually

To add tags to an individual account:

  • Go to Settings/ Accounts and Editthe appropriate account…
  • Click on the Preferences tab 
  • Click on the Pencil icon in the Account Tags section to add a tag(s) to this account

Setting Up Account Tags – Mass

To add tags to multiple accounts at once:

  • Go to Settings / Accounts
  • Click on the down arrow to the right of the Add icon
  • Click Assign Account Tags
  • Select the tag(s) that you want to add to the accounts
  • Check the box to the right of all the accounts that you want to apply the tag to
  • Click the Save icon


An Account Tag Filter has been added to many reports which allows you to report on the appropriate tags. Simply select that tag(s) to report on and run the report.

Managing Tags

We have created a Tagged Accounts report that allows you to view a list of accounts that have a particular tag.

Labnext Try-Ins Enhanced

Labnext can, based on the setup of a procedure, know whether the case will need a Try-In. For some cases, labs want to over-ride this automation, which can now be done within the case. If you see the Try-In option with the designation Yes on the left of the case, you can remove this designation under the Actions menu with the selection Mark As Not Try In.

Try-Ins on Work Ticket

We have also added the Try-In element to the Labnext work ticket builder that allows you to indicate on the work ticket if the case requires a Try-In.

For more Information

Learn more about these features or other functionality from the Labnext Manual.

If you see features that your lab does not have access to, please contact:
Edward Meister at 800-403-9870.

If you wish to receive additional training on Labnext features, please contact:
Terri Heath at 801-847-4608.